Things You Should Know About Plastic Consulting Services

Phantom Plastics is a leading supplier of plastics consultancy services as well as polymers. Chris DeArmitt PhD, President at Phantom Plastics, can assist in solving any issue you may be facing or provide a breakthrough material.

What is a plastics expert who is a certified professional can help

A lot of the opinions that we have about plastics, the environment, and the environment are based on internet myths and other sources that are not reliable. What is the best way to tell which sources are reliable and which are not? Chris has many years of experience working in the industry of plastics. He can help you identify what is true and what’s not.

According to studies according to studies, three out of four Americans underestimate their capacity to spot fake news. This is the case regarding plastics. This means that , even while the majority of the information available about plastics is false, the majority Americans are influenced by it. This means that educated sources are able to tell the truth.

Chris is a renowned plastics scientist. He has spent a lot of his life reading reports and articles to uncover the truth. His primary goal is education to assist people in understanding the science behind plastics. He is also a problem-solver and designer of new materials for customers who have had enough or are stuck.

Innovative Plastics Formulations for Plastics

With over 30 years of industry experience and a passion for everything science-related, Chris has unparalleled knowledge of plastics and has solved problems for companies that have hundreds of PhD scientists working for them. Chris is a PhD-level chemist who has been researching plastic for years. Chris is a PhD chemist who understands molecular structure of materials. He is able to design new materials in a way that is more intelligent than merely testing new materials to determine whether they are effective. This process saves clients lots of money as well as time and frustration.

Whether you have a problem that requires immediate action, or if you’re looking for a new solution to address an ongoing issue We can assist you!

Chris can assist with any issue you be facing with thermoplastics.

– PE

– PP



– Nylon

He can also design custom recipes if searching for an additive to fill in the mineral gap, stabilizer, compatibilizer or processing aid.

Get Expert Advice Now!

Phantom Plastics can help you If you’re feeling frustrated and in need of solutions. Contact us today! Chris has developed custom recipes for a variety of customers, both large and small as well as Fortune 500 to family owned firms. No matter how big your job Chris will be a good friend and will show a sense of urgency as any other customer. He is passionate about solving problems for his clients and helping clients understand the concept of the concept of plastic.

– Phantom Plastics is here to assist you with all your plastic-related concerns such as:

– Problem finding solution

– You can design products that are revolutionary or materials that are miles ahead of the competition.

– Plastics education

– It is vital to be able to comprehend about plastics fast and in a way that makes sense

– Engaging with potential partners distributors, and clients will help you expand your business network.

– Strategies that work

– As your adviser

Do you require more information?

Contact us now to learn more about Phantom Plastics and how we can assist. Chris will be listening to what you require and then show the way he can help.

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