5 Lebanese Street Food You Should Try Once

Street vendors are the most convenient method to sample the wonderful tastes of Lebanon. Food served from these stands has been part of our culture for thousands upon millennia and it’s no surprise that people love to eat in the summer months in which everything appears fresh, from the fresh flowers being sold near, vendors selling their goods at every turn, or even just sitting by an open fire pit and sharing stories beneath the starry skies. There’s nothing better than tasting what local cooks can provide you with.

Shish Kebabs

Lebanese shish-kebabs are made from lamb that’s been marinated in a mix of garlic salt pepper and other spices. The lamb is then skewered with vegetables like capsicums, onions as well as cherry tomatoes. After that, it’s grilled to perfection. These highly portable meals are great to eat on the go (perfect for busy days) however they are also wonderful additions to summer barbecues. Just ensure that you serve them with healthy sides such as salads to ensure everyone gets something different tasting to taste while enjoying the food.


The delicious flavor of a Shawarma sandwich is amazing. It’s made of thin slices of horizontally cut marinated meat that has been slow-roasted on the vertical skewer for hours and paired perfectly between lamb or chicken among other things such as lettuce tomatoes onion pickles, tahini sauce.

This sandwich is the best! They can be found anywhere.


No matter if you’re vegan, vegetarian, or simply a huge fan of tasty food-falafel wraps, they’re likely to become your new favorite snack. The chickpea-fried balls are made of chickpeas mixed with spices such as cumin and coriander together with garlic chili powder. Then, they are shaped into small cones before being wrapped in pita. If it’s lunch time, breakfast dinner or another occasion, this dish is special in store.


Kebbeh Lebanon’s national food and a staple throughout the region for thousands of years. Made of burghul (a kind of cracked wheat), diced onion, ground meat usually lamb however, sometimes it can be other meats like chicken or beef chopped pine nuts, with an diverse spices, ranging from salt, pepper, cumin Cayenne To cinnamon , it could even be spiced up with heat by the addition of chilies too. This mixture is then stir-fried to golden brown.


Kheer bandooki is a wish come true for meat lovers. This delicious street food contains ground lamb, beef or chicken that has been cooked to perfection, then formed into cigar-shaped cylinders before being cooked in an open flame, then grilled on skewers. You can enjoy it right off the skewer or wrap your “kafta” (as they’re referred to) with pita bread with salad ingredients of your choice, whatever you have left after the delicious pickles made of dill.

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